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165gsm Release Liner

Product Description

●  Self adhesive destructible label :

Destructible label has a feature that it can’t be peeled off as a whole piece label once stick on the application surface . it can be used for tamper evidence or OPEN VOID warranty label. anti-theif and anti-counterfeiting labels. 
                   After removing the label, the label will tear off into pieces . it has been widely used in the fields of packaging and electronics after sale service etc .We made the special top-coatting on our material , good for UV inks printing . barcode printing. offset printing etc .

80gsm Release Liner
●  Application of industry: 
●  Core avaliable size :     
●  Specifications :

 Material  Self adhesive destructible film
 Thickness 0.072-0.085mm
 Jumbo Roll size 530mmx200m/ 1070mmX200m
 Glue Acrylic pressure adhesive
 Release liner 80gsm glassine paper 160gsm craft paper 

 ●  Packaging methods:  
 80gsm Release Liner
●  Payment terms :   

●  Shipment :


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