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Iphone Non-Transfer

Product Description

  ●  Characteristic:             

Iphone non-transfer void label material application for seal SamSung & Iphone camera. because SamSung & Iphone camera made the special top coatting . nomal non-transfer void label material can not show message on this substract after removed . After more than 1 year research and development. ZOLO technology team finally solve this problem . 

Before removed the label, we can not see any tampered security message on the label. Once removed the label, the hidden security message" VOID" will be clearly show the suface of the label, non glue leave on the objects . 


 Iphone Non-Transfer
  ●  Application of industry:            
Electronic , Cosmetics, shipping company , and other industry .             
  ●  Store avaliable colors : 
Iphone Non-Transfer            
  ●  Plate choose :              
  Low Residue             
Iphone Non-Transfer       
  ●  Core avaliable size :             
Iphone Non-Transfer
  ●  package carton size :            
Iphone Non-Transfer            
  ●  Packaging methods:  
 Iphone Non-Transfer            
  ●  Payment terms :              
  ●  Shipment :            

    Iphone Non-Transfer            

  ●  Production time :             
   Depends on the order quantity . Nomally it needs 7 working days for 100,000 PCS ( 25mmX50mm )            

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