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Void Security Label

Product Description

  ●  Characteristic:             

Tamper evident VOID label can be used protect customer boxes opened by someone. Before removed the label, we can not see any security message “VOID” or “ OPEN VOID” . After removed, the security message “VOID” or “ OPEN VOID “ will leave on the object . meanwhile ,the label stock film will show clear message “ VOID” or “ OPEN VOID “ . only one time use .              


Void Security Label

Void Security Label

  ●  Application of industry:            
Electronic , Cosmetics, shipping company , and other industry .             
  ●  Store avaliable colors : 
  ●  Plate choose :              
      High residue                Low Residue             
       Void Security Label       Void Security Label 
  ●  Core avaliable size :             
  ●  package carton size :            
  ●  Packaging methods:  

 Void Security Label

  ●  Payment terms :              
Partial-transfer VOID labels
  ●  Shipment :            


  ●  Production time :             
   Depends on the order quantity . Nomally it needs 4-5 working days for 500,000 PCS.

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