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Tamper Proof Bag

Product Description

1.  Can effectively deter and stop the internal illegal theft of cash
2.  with high technology contain 4 level security feature , Easy to use .
3.  Our security bags printing barcode and serial numbers, it is convenient for customer trace. 
4.  Warning texts are printed on the hot-pressing edge of both sides, to prevent illegal side open 
5.  If the seal meets water,the white strip on the seal will become transparent and disappear.
6.  If the seal heated by temperature up to 65℃,it will change into red color.
7.  Good low temperature resistance,down to -20℃.
8.  Tamper proof.If the seal is peeled,hidden message of OPEN VOID will apear.
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If the seal meets water, the white strip on the seal will become transparent and disappear.          
If the seal heated by temperature up to 65℃,it will change into red color.
Good low temperature resistance, down to -20℃.
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Tamper proof. If the seal is peeled, hidden message of OPEN VOID or STOP will appear will appear.           
we do the special coatting on our security bags , it can be wroted by Pen .            
Doeble Sides Weld,7.5mm double sides weld. Super strong, Super Solid!            

Security Bags specifications :
Material :    Transparent LDPE 
Size  :       50mm<Width<860mm, 50mm<Length<860mm.
Thickness :   50um<Thickness<100um , Standard thickness : 70um 
Sealing glue: Hotmelt glue 
Printing :    customize logo printing , barcode printing , serial numbers printing 
Security seal : normal width is 40mm colorful security tape 
Release liner : clear film or white film 
Standard message : OPEN VOID 

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