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Tamper Evident Security Tape VOID Security Tape

Product Description

Product Name:
Tamper Evident Security Tape VOID Security Tape Warranty VOID Tape
25 Micron Polyester film
Total Transfer       (low residue)
How does it work ?
When removed, the security label / tapes  leave a highly visible message 
(such as VOID / OPEN VOID) on the surface.
1.) Manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, foods or valued electrical equipments.

2.) Security seal for shipping cartons, pallets, wooden crates, envelopes, bags, or other containers.

3.) Range of surfaces including metal, plastic, paper, glass and other materials..
1.) Completely customizable to your design   
 ( Text, Graphics, Size,Color, Logo, sequential numbers , optionally barcodes and your own unique data requirements can be printed on surface) 

2.) Customisation is available on a case-by-case basis. 
By roll
  • Defination of Low Residue

With low residue ,the security message such as "VOID" or "OPEN VOID" (  as shown in the right photo ) is transferred onto the applied surface and the other part remains on the security label itself.

The right photo is total transfer, low residue, as you can see , the words "VOID" in  rainbow color transfers to the object surface.
  • New Technology

1.) which with a 360° zoom technology, so that when you irradiate the material with a white light

2.) the custom logo or pattern can rotate with a very beautiful visual effect.

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