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Water Ingress Label

Product Description


●  Self adhesive destructible label :

Water ingress security label will discolor evidentely once liquid water intrusion and cannot retrieve, this is the major function of water sensitive material . Usually the white label will become red color once it touch
the water, which is a irreversible process. this products exploited aim at the electronic products which can not contact water . such as cell phone , LCD , Electrical appliances, and so on . it can be used on the
packaging box or cartons ,to indicate if the goods are well took care , or considered as a specific evidence for maintenance services or compensations .

●  Application of industry: 
● Material Specifications  : 
 Material  Absorbent paper
 Thickness 0.1-0.12mm 
 Glue Acrylic pressure adhesive
 Release liner  80gsm glassine paper, 165gsm craft paper . 50mircon polyester film . 
 Jumbo roll size 500mmX200m
●  package carton size : 
Water Ingress Label
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