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2021 Guangzhou International Label Printing Technology Exhibition

Nov. 08, 2021

2021 Guangzhou International Label Printing Technology Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall from November 20-22, 2021. In 2021, the quality of the exhibition will be improved again, and it will fully cover the terminal packaging applications of food, medicine, daily chemicals, electronics and other industries. At the same time, it will fully extend the new areas of label printing and packaging, covering the areas of printing and packaging, decoration, production and processing, and applications. Buyers provide a one-stop procurement platform and become an international exhibition that effectively runs through the label printing, packaging, and product industrial chain in China. The previous exhibitions have been unanimously recognized by exhibitors and visitors. It has become a highly influential and professional label printing exhibition in South China. The buyer group strongly supports.

2021 Guangzhou International Label Printing Technology Exhibition

   At that time, Zhonglongtian Packaging will go as an exhibitor. Zhonglongtian is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of anti-counterfeiting products. Mainly dedicated to the development and production of new anti-counterfeiting stickers, anti-counterfeiting tapes, laser anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting bags, thermal verification anti-counterfeiting labels, humidity sensitive anti-counterfeiting labels, and other special anti-counterfeiting labels. The main products at this exhibition include tear-off anti-counterfeiting materials, anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting sealing tapes, void phantom materials, UV transfer stickers, and anti-counterfeiting security bags. We will have more new products appearing, and we look forward to your visit!

  Our booth number: A235


Display range


◆Label Printing Exhibition Area:

Digital printers, laser die-cutting equipment, RFID, RFID label automatic detection equipment, pre-press technology and plate-making technology, in-line finishing systems, multi-pass ink systems, variable information printing/variable image printing materials, and the latest processing equipment Technology, printing machines that print a variety of materials, high-tech label materials, such as: film label materials, sleeves and stretch films, etc.; label consumables, inks, toners, etc.

◆Printing technology exhibition area:

Printers: inkjet printers, laser printers, dot matrix printers, photo printers, thermal printers, receipt printers;

Copiers: small office copiers, commercial high-speed copiers, wide-format engineering copiers, analog copiers, digital copiers, second-hand copiers.

Graphic and text printing: digital fast color printing machine, mimeograph printing machine, photo machine, inkjet printer, thermal transfer equipment, banner machine, hot stamping machine, plotter printing machine, scanning typesetting and other pre-press equipment, film cutting and plastic packaging Wait for post-press equipment.

3D printing: 3D surface printing, 3D desktop printers, 3D industrial printers, 3D printing materials, 3D scanning and software.

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