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Application Area Of Hologram Sticker

Oct. 15, 2020

Anti-tamper Safety VOID Label supply a protective umbrella to the item, protecting the interests of customers and businesses. First, the Anti-counterfeiting Labels is acceptable for application in a variety of industries, like cosmetics, health products, medications, digital appliances, alcohol, and tea, and daily requirements, fast-dissipating beverages, clothes label and other industrial fields.

Second, the safety of Hologram Sticker under normal operating conditions, the anti-counterfeiting tag anti-counterfeiting identification attributes might continue to adhere to the shortest period. By way of instance, fluorescent inks and temperature-changing inks have a rust period.

Third, the anti-counterfeiting label one item one code, 1 thing one code identification special Anti-counterfeit Security Label identification attribute is distinctive and non-replicable. By way of instance, electronic anti-counterfeiting, to attain an anti-counterfeiting markers of the guide, an identification code, every anti-counterfeiting mark may only be used once, can't be used.

Fourth, Anti-counterfeiting Labels attempts to differentiate serious and prevent the reliable amount of counterfeiting. 

Hologram Sticker

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