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Let Us Talk About Tamper Evident Security Tape

Oct. 18, 2018

ZOLO Packaging supplies various kinds of tamper evident packaging, such as Tamper Evident Void Label. We provide self-voiding security tags and safety tape, which makes it clear if your items have been tampered with. 

Tamper Evident Security Tape is a exceptional Packaging or Parcel Tape that renders a warning message in any effort to get rid of it. We can custom printing and more, we fabricate, purchase direct. We'll beat any China price ! Offered in Red or Blue in the inventory. 

Theft of goods during transit in China has increased inducing countless pounds of reduction to businesses across China and actually globally, but it is possible to make it considerably harder for thieves simply by utilizing our Tamper Proof Safety Tape that's demonstrated to prevent 99 percent of tampering before it happens. 

Tamper Evident Security Tape

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