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The Widely Uses Of Tampered Security Void Label

Oct. 13, 2018

Tampered Security Void Label - Protect against theft in any institutional setting in which it could be essential to spot tag tampering. Any tag eliminated from the mating surface leaves a"Void" pattern onto the mating surface. Service temperature range is 40°F to +302°F Safety labels can be kept for up to two years in room temperature. Tamper Evident Void Label can be found with custom text, bar codes or serialized amounts for simple identification and monitoring of appreciated movable assets. 

Additional Security Tag uses may be as varied as the following:

Anti Counterfeiting Labels, guarantee protection & real merchandise seals

DVD and CD seals, cartons, packaging and boxes 

Asset protection and safety labels for monitoring information

Customs seals cargo and freight container Anti Counterfeit Security Label

fire extinguishers and fire prevention equipment seals

police proof & forensic sample safety seals

government safety seals, protection & military guns and munitions monitoring for specific forces, military, navy, air force, marines.

Tampered Security Void Label

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