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What Are The Advantages And Functions Of Void Labels?

Dec. 11, 2020

1. Overview of void labels

Void label the scientific name anti-counterfeiting mark, also called the anti-counterfeiting trademark, is an anti-counterfeiting mark that can be pasted, printed, and transferred on the surface of the label or on the packaging of the label, and on the appendages of the label (such as product listings, business cards and anti-counterfeiting cards). The logo of the effect. The anti-counterfeiting features and identification methods of anti-counterfeiting labels are the soul of void labels. Anti-counterfeiting is a method to avoid copying or imitating activities with the intention of fraud and without the permission of the owner. Anti-counterfeiting labels cover medicine, health products, food, non-staple food, clothing, shoe leather, seeds, agricultural materials, specialty agricultural products, auto parts, motorcycle parts, civilized books, light industry, electrical appliances, toys, gifts, electronics, consumables , Liquor, wine, red wine, tobacco, chemicals, cosmetics, daily necessities, machinery, building materials, trading companies, etc. Anti-counterfeiting labels are classified into scratch-off, lift-off, peel-off, serial number, sale, voice, and query.

2. What are the advantages and functions of void labels

First, in order to prevent the confusion of fake and inferior products, companies generally manufacture void labels for their products. At the same time, this is also a strong guarantee for customer rights. Customers can identify their anti-counterfeiting labels. Preventing them from buying counterfeit and shoddy products can also make customers more at ease and at ease. Second, the products produced by the company have anti-counterfeiting labels, which can make the products look more formal and win the trust of customers. These labels can also reflect the company's sense of responsibility and emotions. Responsibilities to customers. Third, the use of anti-counterfeiting labels can not only provide great help for the hot sale of products, but also improve the awareness of customer protection of rights and interests, and effectively impact counterfeit and shoddy products, although customers cannot judge whether the products are counterfeit and shoddy products. After the appearance and packaging are authentic or not, after remembering the void label, the possibility of customers being defrauded can be greatly reduced. Fourth, companies can better handle products through void labels, and the cost of these anti-counterfeiting labels is not high. In their view, the company seems to have a detailed number for each product, which makes it easier to handle. In addition to the anti-counterfeiting labels mentioned above, there are many other functions. Anti-counterfeiting labels play a vital role in the long-term development of enterprises.

What Are The Advantages And Functions Of Void Labels?

Three, eight requirements for void labels to leave the factory

1. The uniqueness of identity: the authority and impossibility of portability of the anti-counterfeiting identification features of the anti-counterfeiting products. The void label of a commodity has an identity code, and each anti-counterfeiting label can only be used once and cannot be transported.

2. Stable period: The shortest time that the anti-counterfeiting identification features of anti-counterfeiting technology products can be maintained under normal operating conditions.

3. Safety period: Under normal operating conditions, the shortest time for the anti-counterfeiting identification features of anti-counterfeiting products to be successfully copied.

4. Anti-counterfeiting strength: the durability and reliability of the function of discerning and avoiding counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting strength consists of four elements: the number of anti-counterfeiting identification features, the number of exclusive anti-counterfeiting skills, the difficulty of copying, and the size of copying costs.

5. Application adaptability: The anti-counterfeit identification feature of the anti-counterfeiting technology product can adapt to the application requirements of the subject or service object.

6. Identification function: The anti-counterfeit identification feature of the anti-counterfeiting product can be correctly identified by the sense organs or machines (instruments) within the required identification time. The first-line identification focuses on the common knowledge of anti-counterfeiting identification features, which can be recognized by the senses; the second-line identification focuses on simple instruments (such as magnifiers, laser pointers, ultraviolet fluorescent discriminators, etc.) that can be identified; three-line identification focuses on special instruments (such as DNA determination) ) Is identified by experts as the basis for judicial determination. Two-line identification and three-line identification focus on the implicitness of anti-counterfeiting identification features.

7. Application environment requirements: The anti-counterfeiting function of the anti-counterfeiting technology product should be able to meet the normal application environment requirements of the subject matter.

8. Skill security and confidentiality: The skills for planning and manufacturing anti-counterfeiting technology products should have security and confidentiality. In addition, economic cost adaptability should be considered, that is, the use cost should be reduced as much as possible while meeting the requirements of anti-counterfeiting skills.

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