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Introduction of Self Adhesive Labels

Oct. 15, 2020

Self-adhesive also known as self-adhesive label materials, paper, film or special materials as fabrics, coated with adhesive on the back, with coated silicon protective paper as the backing paper of a composite material.Because there are many types of coating technology, led to different class, self-adhesive materials to form the development direction is from the traditional roller coating, blade coating to develop in the direction of high pressure stretch film coating, to ensure maximum coating evenly sensibility, avoid the generation of air bubbles and the eye of a needle, ensure the quality of coating, and stretch cloth coating technology is not mature in China, our country mainly adopts the traditional roller coating.

Introduction of Self Adhesive Labels

Sticker printing, because the main printing products are labels, signs, so also called trademark printing.Adhesive label printing, using a special composite paper.This paper must be prefabricated in a paper mill.Usually on the back of the substrate coated with a layer of adhesive, adhesive in easy to peel the anti – adhesive paper.After printing with the knife line rolling printing, peeling off the blank redundant part, in the anti-stick paper to leave a certain shape of printed matter, when using the finished product off, paste to goods or packaging can be.Substrate in addition to paper, there are metal foil, film.

Self-adhesive label printing, printing with a label printing press, which USES web paper to feed and receive paper in one time, and can complete printing, gilding, glazing (or composite plastic film), die cutting, winding scrap and cutting. 

Self adhesive labels printing depends on the type of printing paper, currently, there are two types of printing paper:

1.The monomer structure of a printing paper monomer or adhesive, such as a water-coated reactive adhesive;

2.Printing paper for the surface of the substrate, coating pressure sensitive glue, the following and coating agent of the base paper composite structure (also known as self-adhesive paste).The former can be produced by non – self – adhesive printing press, usually said self – adhesive printing refers to the latter.

Self-adhesive label printing machine can be used for printing, embossing, stamping, laminating, etc., which is very different from general printing.There are letterpress, offset, gravure, flexo, screen printing and so on.

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