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What Are The Application Areas Of Self-adhesive Security Sticker?

Dec. 24, 2020

The self-adhesive security sticker is affixed with a self-adhesive rather than directly printed on the product packaging box. There are several reasons for this:

1. In terms of the cost of the merchant, if there is a problem with this batch of anti-counterfeiting query systems, then all the packaging boxes that have been printed on the packaging boxes cannot be used, causing great waste.

2. If counterfeiters imitate merchants' packaging anti-counterfeiting methods, it will be more difficult for consumers to distinguish. By pasting self-adhesive security sticker, consumers can be more eye-catching reminders to check and verify.

What Are The Application Areas Of Self-adhesive Security Sticker?

How to customize the self-adhesive security sticker?

1. As long as the business has legal qualifications, you can find us. We can help you design labels for free and provide anti-counterfeiting solutions. The design, printing, and coding of self-adhesive security sticker are all done by us, including providing free query services.

2. The merchant only needs to stick the self-adhesive security sticker on your product. How does the self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label play an anti-counterfeiting effect? In fact, it applies the principle of one object, one code. We generate different unique anti-counterfeiting codes through the anti-counterfeiting system, and bind the anti-counterfeiting codes to the products one by one. Then through the anti-counterfeiting query system, these passwords can be verified to complete the identification of the anti-counterfeiting code. This is the operating mechanism of self-adhesive security sticker, which has a great effect on improving product quality and promoting sales.

The self-adhesive security sticker are widely used in industries including: clothing, shoes and hats, cosmetics, health care products, medicines, food, agricultural materials, handicrafts, and local specialties.

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