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Application Of Double Layer QR Code Security Label

Dec. 16, 2020

The double layer QR code security label is that when the anti-counterfeiting label is uncovered, the bottom layer containing the verification information will be stuck on the object to be affixed. It has a strong anti-transfer ability and is also called the Void anti-counterfeiting label. The use of new technology double layer anti-counterfeiting labels to achieve better anti-counterfeiting effect. QR code security label: The QR code anti-counterfeiting label is a product information QR code that is encrypted and generated by the QR code anti-counterfeiting label system, which can be printed or labeled on the product package. After purchase, consumers can use the official website or designated mobile phone software After decoding, the authenticity of the product can be verified and detailed information can be obtained.

Both types of QR code security labels can be applied to various industries. The following will focus on the application of anti-counterfeiting labels in several popular industries:

Application of double layer QR code security labels in the food industry:

Compared with other industries, the food industry will pay more attention to the establishment of a traceability system for food safety in addition to anti-counterfeiting.

Application of double layer QR code security labels in the wine industry:

At present, the counterfeiting of alcohol is through the recycling of bottles and filling the bottles with fake wine. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of wine unless it is in the mouth.

Application of double-layer QR code security label in 3C digital industry (electronic industry):

3C digital industry (electronics industry) such as mobile power, mobile phones, headsets, cameras and other digital products.

Application of double-layer QR code anti-counterfeiting label in auto parts (auto parts) industry:

Application Of Double Layer QR Code Security Label

The anti-counterfeiting of auto parts is somewhat different from other commodities. One is the double-layer QR code security label of auto parts. In addition to the anti-counterfeiting content, the product model, specification, logistics barcode and custom printing area can also be added. Second, many companies tend to directly engrave double-layer QR code security labels on auto parts.

In this way, the degree of personalization and security of the anti-counterfeiting label are relatively strong; the face material is a double-layer structure thermal paper, which can be manually peeled and layered, with excellent peeling performance, easy to peel by hand, and the splitting after peeling is flat, convenient for storage . Especially suitable for the preparation of sub-labels, such as logistics (tracking) labels; excellent thermal paper surface material performance: excellent printing performance, good image (barcode) preservation performance; typical uses: logistics, mail express, book sales, online shopping, etc.

The characteristics of the double-layer QR code self-adhesive label: the first layer of paper loses its adhesiveness immediately after being uncovered, leaving no glue thread, and has excellent peeling performance. The printing effect is clear, ensuring continuous barcode printing, and can be stored for a long time; the thermal printing layer and the adhesive layer can be easily peeled off by hand, which can protect customer information and facilitate logistics tracking; both the adhesive layer and the bottom layer can print the company's LOGO, pattern and text And so on, help improve the company's image. The double layer QR code security label is peeled off from the product, and an invisible graphic image of the sun will be left on the object to be affixed, and an invisible graphic image of the negative image will be left on the back of the removed label. Same size and same quantity. The label surface is generally the label and verification instructions. Uncovering the surface layer will display the bottom label containing the verification information, which cannot be transferred.

The double layer design allows the label to contain more product promotion and anti-counterfeiting information, and the double-layer QR code security label contains extremely rich product information. In addition to anti-counterfeiting, it can also realize publicity and anti-transfer functions at the same time; both layers of the label can realize color and data change; once uncovered, it will be damaged and cannot be restored. It has anti-transfer function; double-layer security labels facilitate the combination of multiple technologies. Greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of the product. The production of double layer QR code security labels is widely used in high-end tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, jewelry, electronic products and other industries.

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