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How To Make The QR Code Security Label?

Dec. 12, 2020

Many companies are very concerned about the benefits of their own brands. When consumers buy products or seek services, they are more inclined to choose brands with better reputations. Therefore, in order to protect their own brand benefits and brand value, companies and manufacturers will stick security labels on their products. These anti-counterfeiting labels are coded on each product, and are printed directly in combination with the relevant information of the product, forming a label on the product, so that the product will be directly labeled when it is offline.

In addition to setting up labels, the company and manufacturers have also created a central database, so that the unique code of each product and the product information corresponding to this code can be stored, thereby establishing a complete anti-counterfeiting brand. Therefore, after purchasing the corresponding product, consumers only need to enter the code on the online access platform to check the authenticity. The existing anti-counterfeiting technology has been greatly improved, but it is generally printed or printed on the product. This type of anti-counterfeiting technology is actually relatively easy to be copied and worn, and it is difficult to carry out daily Maintenance, so in this process, we must continue to improve related production elements.

How To Make The QR Code Security Label

So now many companies have introduced more quality-guaranteed security labels, so what should they do?

First of all, we can choose a transparent material to make the substrate, then polish the surface of the substrate, clean it and dry it. Print the QR code of the product on the polished surface, and set some irregular tiny dark spots on the edge of the QR code. These dark spots will not affect the recognition of the QR code. In addition, we can also set a ring-shaped organic film on the surface, so that it can surround the outside of the QR code, and these first organic films will not cover the dark spots. Then the security label organic film is irradiated with ultraviolet positive light to form the first area, and then irradiated to form the second area. The surface film made of transparent material is provided and covered with scratched silver. Then the QR code and the position of the dark spot are correspondingly stored in the database and encrypted, and the whole set of anti-counterfeiting work can be completed.

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